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About Us – Articles and Guides on Piacenza, Lodi and Cremona

The Maleo and Pizzighettone project was born for the enhancement of the territory, with a focus on topical issues and more. Sponsoring a territory means giving life to its beauty, talking about the places we can visit, the symbolic places of a country, which we should all visit at least once in our life, to fill our cultural baggage.

The three provinces of Piacenza, Lodi and Cremona will also be added to the municipalities of Maleo and Pizzighettone. What is the purpose, the goal of the project? First of all, to make the provinces known even to those who do not live there. But also the inhabitants will be able to find numerous info on their cities, because we will deal with various categories.

Info on Piacenza, Cremona and Lodi

From restaurants, to the sports and relaxation section, shops and companies in the area, banks, stores, shopping centers. There will also be a section dedicated to the events held in Piacenza, Lodi and Cremona , with particular attention to the festivals that take place every year, a symbol of the excellence of the territory.

For those looking for institutional news in Piacenza, Lodi and Cremona , we have decided, as for Maleo and Pizzighettone, to integrate a section to get to know the area in depth. You will therefore find general info on weather forecasts, education and the universities that the provinces offer, in order to have a complete overview.

A help to the community

The idea is of a service to the community : often, we do not find the information we need or to find it in a fragmented way. We will try to integrate all the information we find about a place, a party or a shop, from the street to the telephone number, e-mail if present, opening dates.

The concept is therefore simple: everything you might want to know about your cities just a click away, advice for tourists who would like to visit a place or book a restaurant, the opening days or hours of a shop. Piacenza, Lodi and Cremona are therefore added to the already existing project by Maleo and Pizzighettone, which has accompanied its inhabitants for years.

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